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There was a young lady called Jess
Whose room was a terrible mess
So much stuff on the floor
You couldn’t open the door
But she really just COULDN’T CARE LESS!

By Margaux (CE2)


….The warriors sailed from their home in their longships. They arrived in the middle of the night in a village in Scotland. They attacked by surprise and their archers set the houses in the village alight. The warriors attacked using their swords and killed the villagers in their beds – as they slept. The people in the village tried running for their lives, not many got away. When at last the fighting was over Harald, Wallumer, Hal and Bjorn put out the blazing fires and made ready to celebrate their victory. After the celebrations some of them returned to their home by the sea, others stayed in their new home in Scotland….

An Account by Thomas (CE2)

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